Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Lazy Girl Outfit For A Hot and Humid Day

Oh, summer’s day. Oh, how you stifle me. Oh, how you fill me with heat and irritation.

Very hot and humid days will never be my favorite. It makes me just want to put on the rattiest, most hole-y, oversized t-shirt I’ve got and stand in front of the air conditioning all day. On days like these, it’s just so hard to put decent clothes on (or any clothes at all) and go out into the day. But sadly, some days, you can’t just sprawl out naked on your bed trying to cool yourself down. Some days, you have to go outside and face that stifling heat and actually look decent.

I’m gonna be honest, I was really tempted to just put on shorts and an old band shirt this day because I just wanted to be comfortable and not think about what I had to wear, but at the same time, for some reason, I wanted to be a bit “fashionable” and look cute that day and not just wear a band shirt and shorts. And I’m gonna be honest again, I got a few new things in the mail and I really, really wanted to wear them out.

I’m going to start with the skirt. Oh, the skirt. Once I saw it in the mail, I immediately tried it on and fell in love. It fit so perfectly and was so flattering (the picture doesn’t actually do it justice! It looks so much better in person.), I immediately wanted to wear it out. Oh, and a cool thing, this skirt is actually named after me! It’s called the Eliza skirt and it’s from @nixclothingph (on Instagram). They approached me a while ago to be one of their ambassadors, and naturally, I said yes once I saw all the amazing designs they’ve got. They also gave me the chance to name a piece after myself. I chose this skirt because it’s just so me, and I’m absolutely in love with it, especially after I tried it on. It’s simple, it’s casual, but can also be dressed up, and it’s so flattering. I decided to go casual this day and this skirt was just the perfect thing because it’s casual but still cute enough to seem like I actually put effort into dressing myself that day.

As I’ve said, I wanted to go really casual that day, so I decided to compromise and pair that gorge skirt with a ratty, old t-shirt (lol). For some reason, they worked together! I can’t tell you where I got this shirt, because it’s literally just an old, white t-shirt that I had from ages ago that I cut into a croptop. But again, it worked. I wanted to wear something really light and breezy up-top and it dressed the skirt down a bit.

Since I was feeling very summery because of the heat, I decided to go with some sandals, which I actually rarely do, but as I’ve said before, I’m a bit bipolar with my fashion choices sometimes and I wanted to wear sandals this day. These are from @tequilacrafts (on Instagram).

The accessories I’m wearing are my Daniel Wellington watch and a quartz bangle from @pinkoutsidethebox (on Instagram). I love this combo, both have rose gold accents and go so well together. And it dressed my outfit up a little bit! Accessories do make a difference.

It’s hard to find the motivation to dress yourself when it’s so hot and humid, but if you find the right outfit, it definitely makes you feel a bit better about yourself throughout the day.


PS. You can use the promo code ELIZA4DW on Daniel Wellington’s website: and you’ll get 15% off any watch you want! It’s only until the 30th of November so better take advantage of that discount!

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