Monday, 19 October 2015

Floral Trousers?

Usually, I’m not really one to wear florals. I love my black, white, denim, and solid neutral colors. Sure, I wear floral once in a while, but never really for casual outings (or voluntarily for that matter), it’s always been to events, guestings, tapings, shoots, etc. However, when I saw these floral trousers at JEWELS, I knew I wanted them.

The floral trousers are enough of a statement piece, so I decided to wear just a plain, black, loose tank-top with it. This tank-top is from @thefashionsequel (on Instagram), and what isn’t shown on here is that it actually has a quirky design at the back (sorry, I didn’t get a picture! I’m a bad fashion blogger.); the straps have a kind of criss-cross halter thing going on and it makes a triangle cutout in the back. It’s unique, but also simple enough to not be to overpowering with the floral trousers.

Ah, the statement piece, the floral pants. I saw these when I was pulling out from JEWELS and I liked the color combinations and floral patterns. I’ve seen a lot of floral pants around and none of them really appealed to me. The floral patterns were just not for me and I was a bit scared of them, as well as I found a lot of them to be a bit tacky. But when I saw these ones, I immediately liked them. It gave me a kind of vintage-y vibe. And I love it when I get vintage-y vibes. For a girl who loves her solid colors, this was definitely a bit outside my comfort zone, but I put it on and styled it, and loved the way it turned out. It’s actually very me.

As I’ve said, the pants were the statement piece here so I decided to go with my trusty white Converse for this outfit. I rolled up the pants a bit so there’d be a little ankle peeking through (ooohhh, scandalous). I don’t know why but I felt like that made a big difference. It cut the proportions a bit and cut the floral just before it got to the shoes and I don’t know, but it was just better that way.

The accessories I’m wearing are my Daniel Wellington Classy St. Mawes watch and @nixclothingph (on Instagram) sunnies. It was pretty hot out this day, so the sunnies were definitely a must. The frames are in a clear color and the lenses were reflective. It gave me space-girl vibes.
In conclusion, floral trousers: once you find the right colors and pattern, definitely try them out even though they look a bit much at first.  


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