Saturday, 24 October 2015

Kind Of Jacket Weather

Jacket weather or sweater weather doesn’t often happen in the Philippines. It’s a shame because chilly, drizzly weather is my absolute favorite, and I love dressing warm. I love wearing jumpers, jackets, knits, and cozy clothing. I just think it’s so comfortable but also really aesthetically pleasing. Don’t you just love looking at people in nice, cozy jumpers and instantly think how cuddly they look?

When jacket weather comes around in the Philippines nowadays, it’s not exactly that chilly or cold. In fact, it’s still quite hot, but I had to take advantage of the slightly colder weather and put on a jacket.

The jacket I’m wearing is from JEWELS. I got this jacket a while ago and I absolutely love the color and style. I’ve been looking for a jacket like this for so long and I have found some similar ones in more high-end stores, but they were just so expensive, and I didn’t think investing that kind of money in a jacket I won’t even have the chance to wear too much is a practical thing to do. So when I saw this in JEWELS, I was so surprised at how affordable it was compared to the ones I previously saw and I just had to get it. Now, it’s become a staple in my wardrobe. Whenever I need a jacket, I immediately just grab this one.

The camisole I’m wearing is from Forever21. They had a huge sale on camis a while ago (I think P100 for one?). I loved the fit of their camisoles because most camis don’t fit well on me. This is probably TMI but having a big chest area makes shopping for well-fitting clothes really hard. I mean, these problems exist, right, ladies? Might as well get real about it. This cami is very fitted but also stretchy so naturally, I bought multiples (lol). It also does well tucked into some highwaisted things because it’s so fitted, it won’t give you any unflattering bumps of fabric inside your shorts.

I wore these shorts from @jukaykayatbp (on Instagram). I decided to wear highwaisted shorts with this jacket because as I’ve said earlier, jacket weather isn’t really jacket weather here so I decided to not be too covered up. And it just plain looks good with the jacket and cami, doesn’t it? The blue denim and army green complement each other well. And I like the proportions of the hightwaisted shorts with the tucked in cami and long jacket.

Not seen in the picture, I was wearing white Converse which are my most favorite shoes to wear because they go with everything.

The accessories I’m wearing are my Daniel Wellington Classy St. Mawes watch which I am absolutely in love with. It goes with just about every outfit ever (and I will be doing a separate post on it very soon!). And my pretty quartz bracelet from @pinkoutsidethebox (on Instagram). I love the contrast of the white quarts with the brown band and Swarovski crystals on the watch.

It’s the ber-months already! Can we please have more sweater weather?


PS. You can use the promo code ELIZA4DW on Daniel Wellington’s website: and you’ll get 15% off any watch you want! It’s only until the 30th of November so better take advantage of that discount!

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