Friday, 9 October 2015

OMG! She made a blog!

Well, not really “OMG!”, I guess.

Some of you may (or may not) know that blogging isn’t really a new thing for me. I started blogging when I was about fifteen-years-old in 2010. I’ve always loved writing down my thoughts. But I admit, it was a bit daunting to actually share my writings to the public - I was having trouble even letting my best friend read some of my stuff – but I just thought one day, why not just post one? One little, teeny, tiny nonsense blog that doesn’t really mean anything and see what happens? So I did.

After that first nonsense-type blog, I started writing and posting more nonsense-type blogs, and eventually, it developed into more of a passion. I started writing things with a bit more substance and started letting my thoughts out more. I also started to feel less hesitant whenever I’d post something I’d written. There was still that daunting feeling, but I didn’t let that get in the way anymore.

So, you might be asking: why make a new blog when I already have one? Well, while writing and blogging has become a passion of mine, I rarely post or update my blog anymore. I recently went and backread my blog until my very first post and had so much fun reading what I wrote in the past, sort of like a diary, and it made me sad that there were so few posts of actual substance recently.

Another reason, is that while I am very much still that person who wrote all of that stuff and have all the same interests, my interests and my world expanded. I wanted to blog about fashion, makeup, and beauty and other things that just didn’t feel right to put on that blog. That blog was a catharsis sort of thing and I didn’t want to touch that.

Which brings us here. One stormy, September night, I impulsively decided to buy my own domain and design a new blog. By spending some money, time, and a whole lot of effort designing this site, it will probably make me more determined to actually pursue this thing more seriously the way I’ve always wanted to.

And tada! Here is my first post on my *official* blog. Feels good to say that.

Some thingies about this new blog:

Yes, this will be a fashion, makeup, and beauty blog. Over the years, I’ve gradually fallen in love with fashion and makeup and beauty. I didn’t think I would, in fact, in 2010 when I started blogging, if you told me that I would be blogging or writing about that sort of stuff, I would’ve probably laughed in your face. That’s sort of the reason why I didn’t want to touch that old blog with this stuff, 15 year old Eliza might just slap me. But, as you grow up, interests change and widen. I’m no longer that girl who despises makeup and all things girly. In fact, I love makeup and fashion and beauty products, so you can suck it, 15 year old me, I’m going to write about that stuff.

That said, I am still very much interested in all the things I was interested in back then (i.e. creepy things, skulls, cemeteries, books, horror, creepy music, darkness, death etc.). So, it will also (sort of) be a continuation of my old blog which means there will be some more random, eclectic playlists, book recommendations, creepy post thingies, and some catharsis stuff thrown in there. It might look like bubble gum heaven in here right now but there will still be some skulls and dead people being talked about, tbh.

Another thing to mention, for the first couple of days, I might post some of the things I’ve written on my old blog over here (albeit, edited). Because I’m kind of really proud of some of them, and some of them were really popular amongst you guys. But also, just so this blog isn’t that bare and you guys have some actual posts to scroll through. I will also be alternating some new posts thrown in there with the old ones, probably. Just so you guys aren’t stuck with all old posts.

I might also backlog some previous outfit posts I've already posted on Instagram, just cause I like them and I want to go into more detail about them.

Also, if you didn’t know what the url for that Tumblr account is and you’re wondering why I haven’t linked to it in the whole time I’ve talked about it on here, it’s because it’s kind of really personal to me. And I’d like to keep only the old followers I have on there. I might still post on it, who knows. But yeah, I’d like to keep it separate from this one.

So… yeah. That’s probably all you need to know (and much more, let’s be real, ramble much, Eliza?) about this blog and me. Please bear with me as I try to figure out this whole regular blogging thing, and nag at me on twitter to post regularly maybe?


Photo credits: Hang All Memories Studios


Ey ghi said...

20 facts about yourself please :)

Anonymous said...

Sooooo pretty. Beauty and brains ka talagaaa